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Rochelle De Clerk


BC & Yukon

Rochelle De Clerk's love for wound care began in nursing school at Trent University in Ontario. It was during her 2nd year practicum that she realized wound care really interested her. Rochelle moved to BC during her 4th year of nursing and began her career as a Registered Nurse in Richmond Hospital in 2009. She has worked in a few different fields of nursing including Cardiac, Medical, and Surgical. Her passion for wound care really began when she became a Community Care Nurse in Salmon Arm, B.C. in 2012. Rochelle was lucky enough to have wonderful NSWOC nurses to mentor and guide her for approximately 8 years. She enrolled in the NSWOC program in 2017 and accepted a position at Vernon Jubilee Hospital as the Acute Care NSWOC in 2018, where she is still currently employed. She has been a member of the Provincial Skin and Wound Committee in B.C. for the past 3 years and truly enjoys learning from her experienced colleagues and also bringing her own knowledge to the group.

As the Regional Director for B.C. and Yukon, Rochelle is able to promote change in practice using evidence-based research, monitor and improve cost for therapy and products, and improve the quality of patient care. Her involvement with the Provincial Skin and Wound Committee has allowed her to be involved in the creation of guidelines, procedures, and product information sheets, which directly help the frontline nurses, and other allied health professions, as well as NSWOC nurses. This direct involvement has also taught her how policies and procedures are created and developed, which is a valuable skill to have as a Regional Director for NSWOCC.

Rochelle De Clerk


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