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Business Meeting

NSWOCC Industry Advisory Council (NIAC)

The NSWOCC Industry Advisory Council (NIAC) was launched on June 9, 2021, and have had a total of three meetings in 2021. Representatives from nineteen companies who have technologies in wound, ostomy or continence or who distribute wound, ostomy and continence products participated. The first two co-chairs were appointed by the NSWOCC Board due to their recent completion of the Industry Skin Wellness Associate Program (ISWA) – Nicole Kocajda, Marketing Manager for Molnlycke and Rodney Blair, National Sales Manager, Hollister Limited. In the fall, a new Co-Chair was elected, replacing Nicole Kocajda who had recently joined NSWOCC’s Wound, Ostomy and Continence Institute as Program Manager. Marianne MacMillan-Stacey was elected, joining Rodney Blair as Co-Chair.


The first action items for NIAC were to develop the “mission, vision and competitive compliance statement and the ‘NIAC Terms of Reference’” During the meeting on September 8, 2021, NIAC worked on finalizing the mission, vision and competitive compliance statement.

The NIAC Members have given input into an “Industry and Science” Day at the 2022 NSWOCC National conference which will be held virtually in 2022. We look forward to working with NIAC as we work towards a strong collaboration between NSWOCC and industry Partners.


As a special interest group, NSWOCC Industry Advisory Council (NIAC) strives to bring Nurses Specialized in Wound, Ostomy, and Continence and companies with applicable products and services together to set a standard for positive, beneficial, and open collaboration to improve care for Canadian patients.


Collaborate to support improved clinical and health economic outcomes for wound, ostomy, and continence patients.

Competition Compliance Statement

NIAC Members will at no time engage in discussion or activities that might serve to lessen competition among its industry members, such as price adjustments, customer segmentation, or the sharing of confidential, proprietary information.


NIAC Terms of Reference

NIAC Membership

  • Industry members including manufacturers and distributors of products relating to wound, ostomy and continence


NIAC Roles and Responsibilities

  1. NIAC will provide informed advice to the NSWOCC Board of Directors regarding:

    • input into 2022 NSWOCC Annual Conference and future conferences Exhibit Hall set up

  2. Input into conference networking event

  3. NIAC will represent the voice of wound, ostomy and continence industry to the NSWOCC Board of Directors in order to support their strategic plan and decision making.

  4. NIAC will receive updates from the NSWOCC Board in order to stay current and relevant in connecting clinical developments with industry trends to positively impact patient care.

 NIAC Governance

  • Co-chair model

  • Two co-chairs for two-year term of office starting June 9, 2021

  • During second year – call for nominations to onboard “co-chairs elect” and mentorship for with current co-chairs to support a democratic process

  • Accountable to the NSWOCC Board of Directors

  • Each co-chair responsible for minutes (alternate)

  • Minutes to be submitted to NIAC members and NSWOCC BOD within 2 weeks post meeting

  • No budget required at this time

  • Annual Report to NSWOCC Board of Directors by March 25 of each year


Meeting Frequency

  • June (for post-conference review)

  • September

  • November

  • January

  • March

  • May (on-site or virtually at the conference)

  • Ad hoc as required

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