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NSWOCC celebrates the start of Black History Month

NSWOCC celebrates the start of Black History Month! This year, the government of Canada announced the theme, "Black Excellence: A Heritage to Celebrate; a Future to Build," reflecting on the rich contributions of Black people in Canada.

We honour their past and present achievements while aspiring to embrace new opportunities for a brighter future. In that spirit, this month, we share the inspiring story of Dr. Carrie M. Best.

Dr. Carrie M. Best, while not a medical professional herself, was a passionate advocate for healthcare accessibility within the broader context of civil rights and social justice. With her son, she co-founded the The Clarion, a newspaper owned and published by Black Canadians, through which she advocated for Black rights.

Through her journalism and activism, she emphasized the need for equal healthcare opportunities for Black Canadians. Her focus on addressing systemic racism and discrimination contributed to the ongoing dialogue on creating a more inclusive healthcare system.

While specific details of her healthcare advocacy may not be as extensively documented as her work in journalism and civil rights, Dr. Best's overall efforts aimed at dismantling barriers and promoting equality naturally encompassed healthcare accessibility as a fundamental aspect of social justice. Her legacy reflects a steadfast commitment to challenging various forms of discrimination, including those within the healthcare sector.

In the spirit of Dr. Best's legacy, NSWOCC commits to supporting a path towards better inclusivity and increased diversity, and we acknowledge the persistent racial inequalities in accessing healthcare services. It is paramount that we work together to help end anti-Black racism and discrimination in Canada, especially within the healthcare sector.

Photo from The Canadian Encyclopedia

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