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Announcing the 2023 NSWOC Week theme: #IndispensableNSWOCs

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

April 17-21, 2023 is NSWOC Week!

This year, we will be promoting a campaign highlighting the many ways that NSWOCs are indispensable, including references for even more information. The flyer at the bottom of this post is just the tip of the iceberg - stay tuned for the full promotional material to come during NSWOC Week! In the meantime, please see the main campaign points below:

As the “Fighting Force” for Wound, Ostomy and Continence patients, NSWOCs prove they are indispensable because:

  • NSWOCs will advocate for better patient care (Baker 2001).

  • NSWOCs prevent ostomy complications, reducing hospital readmission rates (Medley, 2014).

  • NSWOCs lower emergency room visits and decrease hospital readmissions (Baich et al., 2010).

  • When NSWOCs aren’t there, wound care costs go up (Heerschap & Duff, 2021).

  • NSWOCs help prevent catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs), and incontinence-associated dermatitis (Medley, 2014).

  • NSWOCs support pressure injury prevention (Boyle, Bergquist-Beringer, & Cramer, 2017).

Many points are drawn from the Power of 3 campaign, which also has its own presentation file, social media assets, white paper, and more! To view the Power of 3, please click the button below.

Submit your story: Why do you think NSWOCs are indispensable?

NSWOCC wants you to send in a submission of why you think NSWOCs are indispensable in your town, region, facility, or even across the country! Send your story in an email to as a written blog/article, short message, video, or any other creative format! We will make sure to feature it on social media and our website during NSWOC Week.

Join the campaign: Submit your photo

Be a part of our NSWOC Week campaign posts by sharing a photo of yourself and your colleagues in NSWOC gear - a lab coat, “We Will WOC You” T-Shirts, with an NSWOC mug, or any other gear you have!

Save the Dates: a Full Week of Virtual Events!

Keep your calendars open! On Monday, April 17, Tuesday, April 18, Wednesday, April 19, and Thursday, April 20, NSWOCC will be hosting a series of virtual educational and celebratory webinars featuring special legacy guests and NSWOC experts. More information will be announced soon!

Share how you are celebrating NSWOC Week using #IndispensableNSWOCs

Leading up to NSWOC Week, and during the week, make sure to use the hashtag #IndispensableNSWOCs so we can follow and re-share how you’re celebrating on social media!


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Download the Flyer

NSWOC Week 2023_Colour Flyer
Download PDF • 877KB

NSWOC Week 2023_Printer
Download PDF • 877KB

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Billi Jean
Billi Jean
Jan 22

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