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How becoming an NSWOCC Member will provide you with countless networking opportunities

There has never been a more exciting time to be involved with NSWOCC! Recently, Troy Curtis, NSWOCC Director of Operations, interviewed Angela Koziak, BScN RN NSWOCC WOCC(C), about one of the many benefits of becoming an NSWOCC Member: Networking Opportunities.

In this Q&A style blog post based on our recent interview, we will explore how becoming an NSWOCC Member allows you to network through the NSWOCC Journal Club, our National Conference, Discussion Groups, and more. Let's get started!

NSWOCC Members Journal Club

Are you a member of NSWOCC (Nurses Specialized in Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Canada) looking to enhance your expertise and engage with like-minded professionals? Join the NSWOCC Journal Club! In this Q&A-style blog post, we'll explore the ins and outs of this exciting initiative that brings nurses together to discuss vital articles in the field of wound, ostomy, and continence.

Q: What is the NSWOCC Journal Club?

A: The NSWOCC Members Journal Club is a monthly virtual meeting open to all NSWOCC Members, regardless of their level of nursing experience. The primary goal is to provide a platform for members to come together and discuss articles related to wound care, ostomy management, or continence. This collaborative space offers an opportunity for members to connect, learn, and share their expertise and experiences in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Q: Who leads the NSWOCC Journal Club, and what's their aim?

A: The Journal Club is led by the NSWOCC Membership Core Program. Their aim is to ensure that every member feels empowered to participate and that each voice is heard, fostering a collective learning experience. They recognize that members come from diverse backgrounds, regions, and varying degrees of work experience, which is considered a strength, allowing everyone to learn from each other.

Q: How can I become a part of the NSWOCC Journal Club?

A: To join the NSWOCC Journal Club, you must be an active NSWOCC Member or Associate. Simply RSVP for an upcoming Journal Club meeting by clicking the "RSVP" button on the NSWOCC website. Your participation is highly encouraged!

Q: When does the Journal Club meet?

A: The Journal Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month. To accommodate members from across Canada, it runs at different times simultaneously. The meeting takes place at 9 pm Atlantic, 8 pm Eastern, 7 pm Central, 6 pm Mountain, and 5 pm Pacific, lasting for approximately one hour. Please note that there are no meetings scheduled for July, August, or December.

Q: How does the Journal Club operate?

A: The operation of the Journal Club is structured to ensure active participation and meaningful discussions:

Before the Meeting: Members can nominate interesting wound, ostomy, or continence-related journal articles at any time. The topic of discussion rotates monthly among these specialties, ensuring comprehensive coverage. All members receive a calendar invite and a Zoom meeting link before the session.

During the Meeting: Most Journal Club meetings involve 10-12 members in a Zoom room. The one-hour meeting follows this outline:

  • Welcome and Introduction (5 minutes)

  • Journal Club Leader summarizes the article & introduces the first question (5 minutes)

  • Group Discussion (45 minutes)

  • Wrap up/summary of discussion points (5 minutes)

In the event of a larger meeting, breakout rooms may be used to ensure equal participation during the Group Discussion, with the full group reconvening for the wrap up/summary.

Q: How can I lead a Journal Club Meeting?

A: Leading a Journal Club meeting is designed to be accessible and not intimidating. You don't have to be an expert, anyone can lead a meeting! Your role as the leader is more like a moderator. If you're interested in leading one of the upcoming meetings, click the "want to lead (or co-lead) this article" button on the website to put your name forward. Your responsibilities as a leader include:

  • Providing a brief summary of the article

  • Posing an initial question to start the discussion

  • Moderating discussions for respectful interaction

  • Ensuring all members have a chance to speak

  • Guiding the discussion back on track if it veers off course

  • Managing the time and announcing a 10-minute warning for the session wrap-up

At the end of the meeting, you'll conclude by summarizing the discussion and thanking the participants.

Q: What's the role of a Journal Club Member?

A: As a Journal Club Member, your responsibilities include coming prepared by reading and reviewing the chosen article and preparing a few questions to contribute to the discussion. You also have the opportunity to vote on the upcoming month's article and meeting date. Please ensure your participation aligns with the goals of the Journal Club and NSWOCC's values by being considerate, supportive, and respectful.

Overall, the NSWOCC Journal Club is a fantastic way for NSWOCC Members to expand their knowledge, engage in meaningful discussions, and connect with fellow professionals. Join this vibrant community today and embark on a journey of continuous learning and growth.

Watch the Interview Clip:

NSWOCC National Conference

Each year, we hold a NSWOCC National Conference where NSWOCs, SWANs, and other healthcare professionals from across Canada come together to learn, share, and network. From May 1-5 2024, we are thrilled to be hosting our 43rd National Conference in Calgary, Alberta!

Q: What type of Education opportunities are at the NSWOCC National Conference?

A: The NSWOCC National Conference provides you with world-class education in Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Care. There are numerous workshops available that give you in-depth knowledge about various topics at both the NSWOC and SWAN level. We also have a wide selection of plenary and concurrent sessions dedicated to Wound, Ostomy, and Continence topics and beyond, including Dermatology and leadership. Our speakers come from a wide array of backgrounds and specialties. We offer many opportunities to broaden your education in a variety of topics.

Q: Are there any advanced educational opportunities?

A: In addition to offering advanced workshops at our National Conference, we also partner with other organizations to provide a dedicated educational stream in parallel to the conference. These educational streams offer you in-depth and advanced educational sessions on a specific topic. For example, our upcoming National Conference in Calgary in 2024 will offer an educational stream on Dermatology that you can register for separately.

Q: Aside from meeting NSWOCC Members, who else can I meet at the National Conference?

A: One of the biggest groups at our conference is our Industry and Vendor Representatives. During the Conference, we have a day dedicated to our NSWOCC Industry Advisory Council's Industry and Science Day. The goal of this day is to ensure that Conference attendees are getting the most up-to-date information on WOC products and technologies that help provide better patient care.

We also have an exhibit hall where you can meet industry members and learn more about what products and services exists in the healthcare industry. Additionally, in our upcoming conference, we are planning to have product demo sessions that go in parallel to networking sessions.

Finally, we encourage Conference attendees to talk to patients, especially those representing other organizations.

Q: What networking opportunities are available at the Networking Event?

A: At our National Conference, we always organize an exciting Dedicated Networking Event for attendees to mingle and have fun. Stay tuned for our fun and interactive networking event that will be coming up at our National Conference in Calgary in 2024! We will also be holding Regional Break-Out Groups at the National Conference AMM that you can stay tuned for.

Watch the Interview Clip:

Other Ways to Network Across Canada

In addition to our journal club and National Conference, we offer many ways for NSWOCC Members to network with others from across the country!

Q: Outside of in-person events, what are some other ways that I can network with NSWOCC Members across Canada?

A: We offer many ways for you to network with NSWOCC Members across the country. Including:

NSWOCC Members Facebook Group - Our Facebook Group specifically for NSWOCC members allows you to ask questions, support your community, and get connected.

NSWOCC Members Internal Discussion Group - In the NSWOCC Member section of our website, you can access an internal discussion group where you can also connect and network with other NSWOCC Members.

Core Programs - A great way to get involved and work with others collaboratively is by volunteering with one of our Core Programs. You can visit our website to learn about the many Core Programs we have and how you can participate.

Overall, becoming an NSWOCC Member offers countless benefits. To learn about our other Member benefits and how to become a NSWOCC Member, please visit the link below.

If you would like to watch the full interview where you can learn even more about how becoming an NSWOCC Member can provide you with networking opportunities, please visit the link below!

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