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Angela Koziak


Prairies, NWT and Nunavut

My name is Angela Koziak and I have lived in Alberta my entire life. I live in Beaumont with my spouse Mark, my kids Noah (16), and Kailey (7). My stepson Castin (20) lives on his own now.

I graduated from the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta in 2004. As a student I worked in long term care. After graduation I worked in medicine and ICU. After having my son, I became a Case Manager in Supportive Living.

Soon after, I met Bev Smith who inspired in me a fascination with wound care, encouraged me to join the direct nursing team and to take the NSWOC program.

Not long after accepting my first NSWOC position Bev informed me of a new Core Program– Membership and encouraged me to join. I did and have had the pleasure of working and learning from Troy Curtis and Shelly Barnes. Shortly after the inception of this program, I advocated and became lead of our monthly Journal Club. I am so proud of the community of practitioners coming together every month. In addition to discussing current research, we learn so much from each other.

This year I was offered the opportunity to present my work in community pessary management at the annual conference.  I am completely honored to join my colleague Pat Dahlbeck in this endeavor.

I have never felt more fire and passion for anything I have ever done in my career, nor have I ever had so much pride in belonging to an organization. I believe with my heart that I can bring my love of Wound Ostomy and Continence to the Prairies/Nunavet/Northwest Territories. It will be my commitment to join all members of NSWOC in this region and create community in our unique demographic.

Angela Koziak

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