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Wellness Resources

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Mandala Adult Colouring Book
Relax and enjoy coloring the anti-stress online coloring book. Its main motive is Mandala. Our online palette allows you to mix any color you like and you can finally print or save your creation for free. If you prefer classic paper, feel free to print a clean anti-stress coloring page on paper and color it with crayons.
55 word story
Fogarty, C. T., Gross, N., & McLaren, D. (2011). 55-word stories: Small jewels for staying soulful. AAHPM Quarterly, Spring.
Yoga for Grief Support: When It's Too Hard To Breathe
Canada's Food Guide
Healthy Eating
Social Wellness Toolkit
Healthy Relationships
5 Ways to Reduce Loneliness and Increase Connection
Healthy Relationships
Reducing Work-Life Conflict: What Works? What Doesn't?
Healthy Relationships
Making the most of your relationships during COVID
Healthy Relationships
Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education (CCPE- CFPC), a not-for-profit corporation created over 50 years ago, is proud to share our ARCH (Achieving Resilience in Canadian Healthcare) program. ARCH is 4 archived learning videos dedicated to promoting Practical Resilience in the face of the pandemic. Facilitated by Dr. E. Adriana Wilson, Psychiatrist, FRCPC, this free series will focus on evidence-based resilience promotion, offered in a very practical manner.
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NSWOCC Wellness Program

Program Description

The NSWOCC Wellness Program (NWP) recognizes the unique job demands of our Members with the goal of providing psychological support. These demands can expose you to a number of stressors which can affect your well-being.

NSWOCs, like many other healthcare professionals, struggle with balancing the demands between work and home, especially during this COVID-19 Pandemic. It is important to focus on your own self-care in order to continue caring for others. While struggling to provide the highest possible level of care for your patients, you can often neglect to care for yourself.

Who is this program for?

This program is available to all NSWOCC Members who register and provides a safe space to get together on a private Zoom Platform. There will be a series of sessions that will provide a relevant topic delivered by expert speakers to support well-being.

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