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The CNA certification application portal is now open

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

The CNA certification application portal is now open

The CNA has launched the certification renewal application by continuous learning and inactive status application. The CNA is still working on the certification application for to write the certification exam and will let you know when that application is launched. Nurses who want to renew by exam or rewrite the exam will need to wait until the certification application to write the exam is available.

Certified nurses that didn't get a chance to renew before we closed the application last October can renew by continuous learning as of February 19th until April 1st, 2022. Between now and February 28th, they will be able to renew without paying the late fee. From March 1st to April 1st, 2022, they will still be able to renew and will be charged the late fee of $99 plus sales tax.

For those who were set to renew in 2021, the CNA will honour the NSWOCC 2021 voucher codes which were provided last year, up until April 1st. Those who had received a discount voucher are instructed to e-mail with a request to refund the value of the discount from the voucher code. Unfortunately, the CNA is no longer able to provide voucher codes for exam writers going forward.

Nurses due to renew in 2022 can start submitting their certification renewal by continuous learning application as well. They will have until November 1, 2022, to submit their certification renewal applications.

Renewing by Continuous Learning

Information on renewing by continuous learning is on the CNA website:

The certified nurses that are CNA members will be charged the member rate of $317 plus sales tax. Certified nurses that are not CNA members will be charged the non-member rate of $420 plus tax. Certified nurses will be able to apply for inactive status and the fee of $175 plus tax. Details on the Inactive status can be found in the Certification Policies section:

Certified nurses that are not CNA members can join CNA and save on their renewal fees!

If the nurse has a problem logging into their online account, they should send an e-mail to

If the nurse has any issues with their certification, they should send an e-mail to

All NSWOCC Members are eligible for additional continuous learning hours!

In preparation for renewing your CNA Certification by continuous learning hours, we want to remind all members that for registering as an NSWOCC member, you are eligible to 4 hours per year, and during the the five-year period between certification writing and or/renewal, that means a total of 20 hours.

By attending the NSWOCC National Conference, you are entitled to 6 continuous learning hours per day of education.

All NSWOCC Board Members and Core Program Members are able to claim another 25 hours.

Note for INITIAL certification exam writers

The CNA website will not be up until late February. We will extend our application to graduate deadline until April 1, 2022 to allow students time to register for the CNA exam.

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