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Nancy Schuttenbeld



I became interested in the NSWOCC position while working with Kathy Esligar on pressure injury studies in my role as Clinical Nurse Specialist. The NSWOCC position provides clinical care, and consultation to patients, families, nurses, physicians on wound, ostomy and continence issues at four hospitals in Area 3. I have been in this role since 2014. In 2021, we completed our 13th Annual Wound care Conference virtually with support from National. Prior to 2020, we have held annual wound conferences and biyearly wound resource nurse workshops for 13 years. In addition to projects on pressure injury we have completed work on a variety of quality improvement initiatives. Stream lining products for wound care across home and in-patient facilities provincially as well as therapeutic surfaces are a few of our projects. I am chair of the Horizon NSWOCC team and the Area 3 Skin and Wound Care team. Professionally, I have been involved in leadership roles and volunteer positions including past president of CONA, Canadian Orthopedic Nurses Association, Vice president of the Fredericton and Woodstock Ostomy Support Groups 2016-2021, etc. My passions include pressure injury prevention, pain and wound care. I believe in lifelong learning. My personal interests include reading, running, sports and most importantly being a mom. I am highly interested in learning indigenous traditions as my oldest son is Micmac.

Nancy Schuttenbeld

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