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Are you interested in joining NSWOCC's Journal Club?

Upon receiving feedback from members like you through the 2022 membership survey, the Membership Core Program has been working hard to come up with ways to deliver more value for your membership than ever before! One of the key priorities of the Core Program is to provide and promote more ways for NSWOCC Members to interact from coast-to-coast. With this in mind, the Core Program Members have taken the initiative to help put together an NSWOCC Journal Club!

The NSWOCC Journal Club

Participating in a journal club with colleagues can be an enjoying and engaging way to network with peers, while staying informed with current research. In addition to enriching practice knowledge, a thriving journal club stimulates its participants to foster discussion, challenge current theory, and spark questions for further research. Our goal would be to start small with a group or groups of between 5-10 members to help facilitate discussion where everyone can equally participate. that is, Members must be courteous in their communication with each other, so that all members feel comfortable and are encouraged to contribute to the conversation. We would aim to meet quarterly, hosted by a Member of the Core Program to start, and would start with an introductory meeting to decide on a topic and articles to be selected for the first rotation. Each meeting would last roughly two hours, and each member of the Journal Club would be expected to review the chosen article thoroughly prior to the meeting and be prepared to discuss with the group.

If you are interested in joining the Journal Club or learning more, please email Troy Curtis at with a very brief introduction telling us about yourself and we will add you to the introductory meeting invite list.

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