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New technology from AROA: Endoform™

The mission of AROA is to ‘unlock regenerative healing for everybody’ by developing advanced regenerative medicine technologies which are often deemed inaccessible to patients suffering from acute and chronic wounds across the globe due to financial barriers.

Endoform™ products are comprised of over 150 proteins known to facilitate soft tissue healing by supporting soft tissue structure (e.g. collagens and elastin), cell-signalling (e.g. growth factors)[1], presence of vascular channels to enable ‘angioconduction’[2], and the recruitment of mesenchymal stem cells for tissue regeneration[3]. Endoform™ has led a paradigm shift away from traditional reconstituted collagen and toward utilizing intact, bioactive extracellular matrix (ECM) to facilitate timely and functional tissue regeneration in acute and chronic wounds. This shift was validated in a 2021 publication utilizing real-world evidence to compare healing outcomes from 2,222 diabetic foot ulcers treated with either Endoform or collagen/ORC demonstrating up to 5.6 weeks faster closure utilizing Endoform [4]. In 2019 Aroa developed and launched Endoform Antimicrobial, incorporating ionic silver into the ECM technology, and designed for wounds with an elevated risk of infection and biofilm formation. A publication describing this very product, showed a sustained 7-day activity against a range of microbial species, including bacteria, yeasts, moulds, and drug-resistant organisms as well as the prevention of biofilm formation [5].

AROA is committed to introducing the Endoform product range across the world. A published study in 2019 highlighted this commitment, reporting clinical outcomes from an evaluation in Canada, with successful outcomes across 33 wounds with complex pathologies [6]. Since the introduction to Canada, Endoform products have been introduced to more countries globally, where ECM technology may have previously been cost-prohibitive.

All of this demonstrates an innovative product, with an outstanding body of pre-clinical and clinical evidence that facilitates wound healing across the globe.



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