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Medline’s Skin Tear Kit Streamlines Dressing Application

Updated: Apr 16

Choosing the right products for a dressing change can be time-consuming and overwhelming–particularly if there is no standardized product formulary or protocol. Dressings for skin tears are no exception. Identifying the skin tear type is essential to choosing the right treatment and products.


Medline’s system of products is designed to help address some of the challenges facing clinicians today. One of those challenges is the growing awareness that skin tears represent a significant risk to individuals, especially as we age. Medline offers advanced wound and skin care products, including an innovative approach to treating skin tears.


This new approach to skin tear treatment includes a kit containing all the components necessary for a skin tear dressing application. The kit also includes step-by-step application instructions guided by the International Skin Tear Advisory Panel (ISTAP) Best Practice Recommendations  that will streamline and improve patient outcomes. The kit lists products recommended by ISTAP, including Marathon®, a no-sting cyanoacrylate liquid skin protectant.


In a recent retrospective case series, Marathon was shown to be an effective treatment for Type 1 skin tears, its use on skin tears reduced time-to-heal and Marathon was cost-effective when compared to the traditional skin closure strips. In another case study, Marathon was shown to provide increased patient comfort, minimize pain and reduce infections for individuals residing in a Long-Term Care facility. This unique product is just one component of the innovative skin tear kit that will help you make the right choice to standardize skin tear care for your patient.


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