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Competent. Accountable. Sustainable. CELEBRATING NSWOCs

We are proud to celebrate all NSWOCs across the country who continue to enhance patients' lives, are innovative in solving problems, and are passionate about leading, especially in the face of adversity.

We believe that every person deserves specialized wound, ostomy and continence care. We believe that everyone deserves an NSWOC.

In recognition of this mission and vision, we want you to join us in celebrating NSWOC Week from April 18-22, 2022. This year's theme is:

Competent. Accountable. Sustainable.



April 18-22, 2022


Before the global pandemic, NSWOCs were nurse leaders in driving and implementing research, policy, and delivering competency based wound, ostomy and continence clinical and cost effective care.


During the pandemic, NSWOCs rose to the challenge, and were leaders throughout the national healthcare crisis.


NSWOCs will continue to lead wound, ostomy and continence research, influence policy and ensure best practices are translated to the bedside in order to support sustainable healthcare.

In order to recognize NSWOCs across Canada, we are providing a series of posters featuring NSWOCs from each NSWOCC region, as well as one National flyer and one dedicated to our Indigenous Wound, Ostomy and Continence Core Program.

Please feel free to download and share these flyers over social media or in your facility during NSWOC Week.

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