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Your Guide to the NSWOC Program Graduation, CNA Spring Certification Exam, and WOCC(C) Certification Renewal

Whether you're completing the NSWOC Program, aiming for initial CNA certification, or due for renewal, we have all the information you need to navigate these important milestones. Please read below for important information:

NSWOC Graduation Ceremony & Applying to Graduate

For all students completing the NSWOC Program:

If you have already finished the NSWOC Program, or will complete all aspects of the program by March 30, 2024, and plan to write the CNA WOCC(C) certification exam this spring, you're eligible to graduate during the NSWOCC 43rd National Conference on May 4, 2024, in Calgary, AB. To learn more about the conference and register, visit

To graduate, fill out the application form and provide proof of CNA WOCC(C) certification exam registration or completion. Find the application form at the link provided or under the "Current Students" tab on

If you can't attend the National Conference in person, don't worry. Diplomas, pins, and lab coats will be mailed after the event. Please note that diplomas are only mailed once per year, the week after the graduation ceremony.

The deadline to apply to graduate is March 30, 2024.

For any questions or assistance, feel free to contact:

Kimberly LeBlanc (she/her) PhD, RN, NSWOC, WOCC(C), FCAN

Academic Chair

Wound, Ostomy and Continence Institute | Nurses Specialized in Wound, Ostomy and Continence Canada (NSWOCC)

Cell: 613-864-1029

66 Leopolds Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1V 7E3


Spring Exam - Initial CNA Certification: Deadline is March 31

For those aiming to write their initial certification exam this Spring, the application period is open from January 15 – March 31. The exam writing window will take place from May 1 – 15, and you can expect to receive your results in December. Don't miss this opportunity to take the next step in your professional journey!

Certification Renewal by Continuous Learning:

 If you're due for certification renewal, the application window for renewal by continuous learning is open from January 15 – December 15, 2024.

Did you know? As an NSWOCC Member, you are eligible for additional Exam Prep Benefits and continuous learning hours to make the renewal process seamless.

Eligible Continuous Learning Activities:

By registering as an NSWOCC Member, you automatically gain access to 4 continuous learning hours per year, adding up to a total of 20 hours during the five-year period between certification writing and renewal.

Participating in NSWOCC activities can also earn you CL hours:

 If you have any questions or you don’t see an activity you completed, please do not hesitate to contact CNA at

Continuous Learning (CL) Activities — General Guidelines:

 The CNA Certification Program offers flexibility in the type of CL activities you can count toward renewing your certification credential. Here are some key guidelines:

  • CL activities must relate to improving knowledge and skills in your nursing practice specialty.

  • Each CL activity must be completed within the five-year certification term.

  • Count one CL hour for each clock hour.

  • Count any CL activities that are 30 minutes or longer.

  • No pre-authorization is required to count your CL activities.

  • Count the same CL activity only once during the five-year term, unless it’s at a higher level.

NSWOC Prep Course for the CNA Certification Exam:

 Prepare confidently for the CNA Certification Exam with our comprehensive NSWOC Prep Course. The course includes a review of core competencies, relevant wound, ostomy, and continence curriculum, sample exam questions, and a dedicated study group for support.

To access the course, log in to and visit the "Members Login" area. Click on "View available downloads" in the left-hand sidebar and select "NSWOCC CNA Certification Prep Course."

Join the Online Study Group:

 As an NSWOCC Member, you have the added benefit of joining the NSWOCC CNA Certification Exam study group. For joining this supportive community, please contact before April 20th, 2024.

We are here to support you in your journey toward CNA certification and renewal. Don't miss these valuable opportunities! Reach out to or with any questions or concerns.

Certified nurses that are not CNA members can join CNA and save on their renewal fees!

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