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NSWOCC Call for Volunteers from Québec and Atlantic Regions: NSWOCC Membership Core Program

We depend on our members to volunteer their time and expertise to carry out the mission and work of NSWOCC, and to keep moving the specialization of wound, ostomy and continence forward. If you are looking to enrich your experience and contribute to the field of wound, ostomy and continence in a new and rewarding way, now is your chance! We are still accepting applications for our newest core program: the NSWOCC Membership Core Program.

The new Membership Core Program will bring together a group of NSWOCC Members to engage, discuss membership benefits and the member experience within the association and create a plan to drive positive change.

Who's in the Core Program? How often do we meet?

Membership Core Program meets once per month, on the first Wednesday of the month. We currently have members from Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario on the Core Program and are looking for representation from NSWOCC members from Québec and Atlantic Canada.

If you're interested in joining, your role as a Core Program Committee Member would be:

  • Members will work together as a team, led by the Core Program Leader

  • Will be responsible for attending monthly Core Program Meetings

  • Should be prepared to provide input, feedback, and ideas to help improve membership experience

If you are interested in applying to be a committee member of the Membership Core Program, please send an e-mail of interest to by April 5, 2022.You should join the Membership Core Program as a member if...

  • You want to get more involved in the organization

  • You enjoy being creative and brainstorming with others

  • You often think, “They (NSWOCC) should’ve said or done THIS….for their Members”

  • You get a thrill out of seeing your work in action and getting to measure the results

  • You would like to advocate for Members of the association to be a catalyst for change

  • You want to have a genuine impact on Nurses Specialized in Wound, Ostomy and Continence


If you have any questions about this Core Program, please e-mail Troy Curtis, Director of Operations at

We look forward to hearing from you!

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