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Introducing our Featured NSWOCC Member of the Month: Erin Ballard, RN BScN NSWOC WOCC(C)

This month’s featured NSWOCC Member is Erin Ballard, RN BScN NSWOC WOCC(C) (she/her). Erin is a Clinical Practice Education in Wound, Ostomy and Continence for Long-Term Care.

This month features Erin’s work in the LTC NSWOC Virtual Visit Program. Check out her interview below!

What is the LTC NSWOC Virtual Visit program? The NSWOC virtual visit program provides NSWOC consults for residents living in long-term care in Island Health. The NSWOC consults with residents and staff via a secure connection using BC Virtual Visit platform and an iPad. The NSWOC is able to assess, diagnose and provide treatment recommendations through working with the nurse at the facility and guiding assessments. Virtual appointments are scheduled in advance and follow up appointments can be scheduled as needed.

Why do we need one? NSWOC availability via virtual means allows the resident to access an NSWOC for care while staying comfortably in their home. There is no need to travel for appointments; a big plus for those in rural and remote areas who would normally have to travel lengthy distances to see a specialist. The NSWOC virtual care program also provides support for clinical staff in LTC who need support in managing complex WOC issues. Who is involved? Residents in owned and operated and affiliate facilities have access to the virtual NSWOC; 63 facilities in total. Where do the visits happen? Visits occur on the LTC site wherever the resident is most comfortable and has privacy for the visit. The iPad can be moved around as needed to allow for resident and staff needs.


Recognizing NSWOCs and SWANs

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